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'); window.parent.frames[1].document.close(); return; } cowa[1] = "You know we should never have been brought to trial -we were not attcking the state only the heritics!"; cowa[2] = "The Church condenms all lying and equivocation-we solve the problem by not answering the questions"; cowa[3] = "Anne Vaux?Well she was a very fine woman-She was my constant companion,followed me everywhere but we were not lovers,or married-no children either-that is unless you can prove it!"; cowa[4] = "So I told Catesby he could kill innocents if the cause was right. I said It would be a bit untimely just yet but you know you should ask to pope he did after all say we did not have to obey the laws of the realm! "; cowa[5] = "Nope!?I never said anything evil against the King or the State!

You see we were forbidden to say or write such things even if we thought them or pursued them- it could get us into trouble you know!"; cowa[6] = "Yes I prayed at Mass before the parliament opened for the good success of that great action but you don't know what I meant exactly now do you?"; cowa[7] = "Nope! Just couldn't break the seal of the confessional- no way!
...not even to save lives or the state -wouldn't be prudent- it would mean turning in good wealthy and devoted souls! The pope wouldn't like that at all!"; cowb[1] = "I am King James I and I am in charge!"; cowb[2] = "The Pope is not in charge here I am!"; cowb[3] = "Kings must Rule not the pope- Kings have the final word! Kings are right!"; cowb[4] = "Bombs- a terror of all terrors- someone killed my father with a bomb.
Where did they get all of that powder anyway!"; cowb[5] = "Equivocation-Nothing but equivocation!"; cowb[6] = "Doesn't matter I'm the King fair and square:

When in England do what the English do!
Let the pope have his Rome and leave me alone!"; cowb[7] = "Hey, if they had gotten away with it there would have been Bloody Mary 2 and we were making progress with government, the parliament and all.."; cowb[8] = "Now lets get down to it we must this instant change the name of the day to King James day after all I was the one who might have been killed and you should celebrate my deliverance!"; cowb[9] = "I think they were a bit too hard on those priests though....
nothing worse than questioning priests they are trained to say nothing but praise and you know that they have no fear of martyrdom- its like a great reward!"; cowb[10] = "Did I ever tell you my wife was catholic!...
She converted for the good music you know Byrd and all them. I like Celtic music myself!"; cowb[11] = "Hey, its my law and my country your lot lost so you are out we are in can't you live with history?"; cowb[12] = "You know I listened to the entire trial from behind a screen- it would make a great movie-you could sell Cokes with Coke's face on them at McDonalds! That would sure set the old codger off!"; cowc[1] = "Don't ask me I am just the miner character here!"; cowc[2] = "Didn't know you hated explosions!I just wanted to test out that thing about divine right- I guess you were right all along!,!"; cowc[3] = "Hey you have got the wrong Guy here!
It was Percy who did it he set us up!"; cowc[4] = "You know if it were not for Henry VIII we Catholics would be running the place!?"; cowc[5] = "It would have been good to have seen those Scottish tyrants blasted back to their maker! "; cowc[6] = "If only the King of Spain would have helped us when we went and asked him!

We could all be speaking Spanish by now and be living as victors over the heritics!."; cowc[7] = "We were all guilty all right-but we were freedom fighters so that lets us off the hook! No it wasn't the priests it was the Pope!"; cowc[8] = "Well I am no Faux Fawkes!"; // End -->